• Development & Construction Services

    Dellisart has extension experience on proving turnkey development services consistent with brand standards that is managed in a collaborative effort with Ownership. On budget, on time with a maximum gross price guarantee.

  • Pre-Opening Marketing

    Our team of experts will hire, train the property management and staff on shoulder to shoulder basis to ensure the hotel opens up smoothly and has the absolutely best chance of success in the first year based on a great deal of work and action in the marketplace. This includes building the marketing systems, property level technology meeting all the brand requirements and deep penetration on knowing the local demand generators.

  • Property Management

    This is a partnership between understanding Ownership objectives and then a relentless pursuit of the optimal business from the local market and the social on-line generators which will deliver the best mix of business and revenue. The requires constant communication between the Corporate staff and Property Management with a team approach to analyze, plan and execute against an agreed plan exceeding our budgeted goals. Coupled with vast experiences in managing the controllable and various expenses wisely will deliver a highest level of flow trough to the bottom line and distribution.

    As important is the care and oversight of the property asset for Ownership to protect the terminal value of the hotel.

    View Our Property Management Services Brochure

  • Revenue Management

    Revenue management has become one of the most strategic and beneficial services any hotel can utilize to improve top line revenue. Our team of Revenue Management Experts are positioned to handle the day to day strategy of revenue management combining all of the potential channels maximizing a property’s revenue. We are focused on specific goals within a competitive marketplace in a truly a collaborative effort between our team and key property staff.

    View Our Revenue Management Services Brochure (Choice)
    View Our Revenue Management Services Brochure (IHG)
    View Our Revenue Management Services Brochure (Wyndham)

  • Accounting Services

    At Dellisart, we believe accounting is a valuable tool to help management to make informed decisions about the direction of the property, not simply a capture of what has happened. Our team follows the guidance of the Uniformed Systems of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, as recommended by the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

    Our accounting team provides oversight and guidance to the property leadership team to help them run the business at the local level. We operate our properties as if we were signing the front of the check, not the back of the check. Taking this approach, we act as stewards for all of our owners to maximize profitability and cash flow.

    We prepare a monthly financial stack to all of our owners, providing total transparency of what is running through the financial statements. Reports included in the monthly financial stack:

    • Income Statement • Check Register • Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet • Outstanding Checks • Comp Rooms Report
    • Balance Sheet Reconciliations • General Ledger Detail • Variance Report
  • Property Renovations

    When the time comes, Dellisart is prepared to manage any renovating for PIP that a brand may require. Ewe have had extensive experience in this area and have an array of vendors we utilize to meet our goals in this key time when getting the work complete is as important as how to preserve revenue during the renovation by properly staging the various work stages with minimal impact to guests.